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Training and Skills Development (TSD)

Skills development is a key factor in the employability of workers and the sustainability of enterprises. One of the objectives of skills development systems is therefore to ensure that the skills acquired match the skills valued in the workplace. Skills development systems must also help workers and enterprises adjust to change and handle new conditions. These may be triggered by climate change, globalization, demographic trends, technological progress or financial crisis.

Our unique skill delivery process begins with the identification of jobs and ends with the placement of trained youth in various Sectors like IT/ITes, BPOs, Retail, Telecom, Hospitality, Financial and Insurance,

The courses we offer are job-oriented training programs which are well-planned, keeping in view, the industry requirements and future prospects. Although we have the best available resources to cater to giving the best results, we believe that it is not just money or manpower but, rather, team efforts which can make any organization reach greater heights.

Therefore, each and everyone who is part of ‘SreeMantra Training Division' is important to us. We have top-level faculty and a dedicated placement cell because for us, our students are the building block on which the organization rests. We give our students the freedom to discuss, contradict and learn.

We always ensure that the right student chooses the right course according to his/her academic background, aptitude and skill-set. Doing this will help our students get the career edge and the extra push that is so highly needed in a competitive job market, eventually leading to professional success

We are confident that the training we deliver is of superlative standard despite the fact that we constantly endeavor to improve and become even better. We believe that training should be well planned, well prepared, fit for purpose and delivered by trainers who are motivational and inspirational, trainers who can make learning, interesting and fun, trainers who can and will make a difference to the people and the organization.

Training Environment

We strongly believe that transformation and learning happens with experience. It is our training environment that provides the right learning experience. Our environment is an opportunity that conditions minds to think, explore and achieve.

IT Laboratory:

Our centers maintain exclusive labs for disciplines like software, hardware & networking and embedded systems. We provide high level machines with licensed software and a coding environment with plug-ins for all essential tools that the environment demands.

Our labs are air-conditioned with a preventive maintenance system in place that enables candidates have undisturbed system time for practice.

Our labs have surplus machines that provide ample system time for candidates to practice. Exclusive lab coordinators guide candidates in addition to the regular faculty at all our labs. Our labs ensure minimum system usage disciplines that improve professionalism among candidates.

Class rooms:

Air conditioned master class rooms with overhead projectors facilitate candidates to learn effectively. Class rooms support a maximum of 50 candidates which is considered as an optimum group size for attentive delivery of subject.


Faculties of our centers are exclusively trained by the Centre for Future technologies Institute. This institute integrates real time development with learning. Faculties are part-time developers, who work on our client projects. They bring the real time
experience to the class room learning.

Our trainings include:

Positive administration and effective communication
Soft skills for personal and professional growth
Basic and Department specific IT Skills
Basic English communication skills
Technical and departmental specific skills
Personality enhancement programme

Sreemantra is a state level training & placement partner to EGMM, DRDA, MEPMA Govt. of Andhra Pradesh

Multimedia Training, Dotnet Training, Java Training, Product Sales Executive Training, Data Maintainance Executive, Mobile Hardware & Software Training, BPO/Call Center Training, Office Service Executive, Accounting Packages Training, Professional Website Designer Training, Graphic Designer Training.